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Ready to swap your fowl for something fair? Splendid! You can now order daring directly to your door through our site. You can also find daring at all a variety of retail locations nationwide and through our online partnerships.

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Our goal is to get you cooking, feeling and treating the planet better—and that starts with making the swap from chicken to daring as easy and convenient as possible. To that end, we’re partnering with a variety of retail stores across the country to make daring available to you around the corner. Find the location nearest you with our store locator.

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daring on demand? You bet. You can now order our delicious plant-based chicken directly from our site and have it delivered directly to your door. Getting daring in your kitchen doesn’t get much easier than that.

Sun Basket

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Sun Basket believes food should taste good first, and do good always. At daring, we couldn't agree more. That's why we've partnered with Sun Basket to bring you daring in a variety of exceptionally crafted meals. You can learn more about Sun Basket's daring dishes here.

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Get daring at Rastelli's

Since 1976, Rastelli's has offered friends and neighbors the best tasting meat, seafood, poultry and now plant based options.  daring has partnered with Rastelli's to offer our 10oz pouches shipped directly to your door.

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