Crispy. Golden.
Made from plants.

Dip our Original Breaded Pieces into your favorite sauce and buckle up for a your mouth. 


There’s more than one way to dare.

Feeling bold? Spicy? Crispy? Authentic? Daring has you covered. Explore our full line of signature flavors.

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Daring is good for you.

  • 100% Plant Based
  • High Protein

Daring. The opposite of chicken.

How do you make chicken jealous? Simple. You take a few natural, wholesome ingredients and craft them into perfectly textured pieces of plant-based yumminess that look, cook and taste just like the animal-based meat. You can give meatless Mondays a try. Go full-on vegan. Or just part-time vegan. Daring makes it easy. It's one small swap for you. One giant leap towards eating, feeling, and treating the planet better.

Unclucked Eats

There's no chicken dish Daring can't uncluck. And we're here to provide it with Unclucked Eats—plant-based recipes to get your cooking Daring and loving it.

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Daring to change the world

Daring isn't a substitute—it's a step up. But more than that, Daring is a belief. And we believe a few natural ingredients and a simple swap can have a big impact. Life-changing impact. Even world-changing impact. Want to know what else we believe? Read on.

Daring Mission

Daring, three ways

New to Daring? Not sure which flavor you’re feeling? Now you can try all three Daring flavors with our ultimate bundle.

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