Daring makes a menu.

More and more customers are looking for plant-based alternatives to their favorite meats. That's why Daring makes it easy to get our delicious plant-based chicken to your kitchen, on your menu, and into your customers' mouths. We also provide the resources and support to ensure you're making the most of Daring in the back of the house and the front of the house. It's good for your business. Good for your customers. Good for the planet. So let's get you serving Daring.

Daring Has Your Back (of the house)

Know how to cook chicken? Then you know how to cook Daring. That's how simple it is to swap chicken for Daring in nearly any recipe that calls for bird. Suffice to say--you've got this. And we're happy to provide a few tips and ideas to get you cooking Daring and loving it.

Start Cooking Daring

Daring Has Your Front (of the house)

Why should the cooks have all the fun? Daring gets your servers in on the excitement with training materials and educational resources. So they can talk Daring with confidence, and get your customers buzzing about your latest meat-free eats.

Get Talking Daring

Not serving Daring yet?
Let's fix that.

We'd love to partner with you to put our delicious plant-based meat on the menu. Together, we can get people eating and treating the planet better, bite-by-bite.

Start Serving Daring