Daring Resources

At Daring, we take partnership seriously. And we do everything we can to ensure our partners have everything they need to make the most of Daring in the back—and front—of the house.

Here, you’ll find a variety of resources to get your chefs cooking Daring, your servers talking Daring, and your customers asking for Daring. And should you ever need help, you can reach out to our dedicated support center anytime at support@daring.com.

Back of the House

Chef’s, you’ve got this. Because if you know how to cook chicken, you know how to cook Daring. That's how simple it is to swap chicken for Daring in nearly any dish. And to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible, we’ve created a few materials to get you started.

Culinary Best Practices

Culinary Best Practices

Recipe Catalog

Recipe Catalog

Front of the House

Daring gets your staff in on the excitement with a variety of marketing materials and educational resources. So you can present Daring with confidence and get your customers buzzing about your latest meat-free eats.

Collateral Guide

Collateral Guide


Table Tent A Frame

Table Tent Triangle

Customer Cards


Window Clings

Register Topper

Sharing is Caring
(and Daring).

We’re always thrilled when our partners spread the word about Daring. If you feel like shouting Daring from the rooftops, please take a gander at these helpful guidelines. We appreciate it!

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Not serving Daring Yet?
Let's fix that for you.

We'd love to partner with you to put our delicious plant-based chicken on the menu. Together, we can get people eating and treating the planet better, bite-by-bite.

Not showing up
in our store locator?

If you’re currently serving Daring, but not appearing in our store locator, simply click the link below to request to be added to our locator.