We make cooking Daring easy

Know how to cook chicken? Then you know how to cook Daring. That's how simple it is to swap chicken for Daring in nearly any dish. Bird-free fajitas. Chickenless caesars. No-poultry pot pies. Once you start cooking Daring, your options are endless.

Daring loves dishes. Dishes love Daring.

  • Daring Tacos

    Take your tacos down meatless street

  • Daring Gyros

    Make your gyro a vegan's hero

  • Daring Salads

    Make your caesar a salad for the people

Chefs, you've got this.

When we say Daring looks, cooks and tastes like chicken, we mean it. It's fast, easy, and oh so very delicious. And we're fairly sure you'll agree. Here's a few tips to get you started.

  • Season Daring


    Daring takes seasoning just like chicken. You can hit it with your favorite sauce or spice blend, drench it in your go-to marinade, or simply sprinkle it with salt and pepper. It doesn't take much to bring out Daring's deliciousness.

  • Sauté Daring


    Daring sautés easy. While it cooks well on a variety of surfaces, we recommend using a non-stick pan lightly coated with a high smoke point oil, and set over medium heat. There’s no defrosting necessary. And it takes all of 10-12 minutes from frozen (8-10 minutes if thawed) for Daring to reach its full crisped-up, golden-brown glory.

  • Fry Daring


    Daring tenders are made for the fry station. Simply load up your fry basket the same way you would with chicken tenders, and fry away. We’ve found 5 minutes is the magic number to get Daring fully fried and deeply satisfying.

Defrosting Daring

To defrost, simply place Daring pieces in the refrigerator for 2 hours before you intend to cook them up. Once defrosted, you can store Daring up to 10 days unopened and 3 days if opened. We do not recommend thawing by immersing them in water. Do not thaw and refreeze.

Storing Daring

Daring pieces are perishable and should be kept frozen or refrigerated. Frozen shelf life is 12 months. Refrigerated shelf life is 10 days unopened and 3 days if opened. For maximum freshness, we recommend storing open pouches in airtight containers.

Quick Tips on Cooking Daring

  • Tip 1

    Best cooked from frozen

    No need to defrost. Daring cooks best straight from the bag to the pan. It's as convenient as it is easy.

  • Tip 2

    You’ve done this before.

    All you need is a touch of oil and a nonstick pan set over medium heat, and you're good to go.

  • Tip 3

    Ready in approximately 10 mins.

    Daring pieces cook perfectly in 10-12 minutes from frozen (8-10 minutes if thawed). So you can save time without sacrificing flavor.

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We'd love to partner with you to put our delicious plant-based meat on the menu. Together, we can get people eating and treating the planet better, bite-by-bite.

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Daring Has Your Front (of the house)

Why should the cooks have all the fun? Daring gets your servers in on the excitement with training materials and educational resources. So they can talk Daring with confidence, and get your customers buzzing about your latest meat-free eats.

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